Kelvingrove by Cambria®
October 2017
The warm and nurturing Kelvingrove™ by Cambria® blends together earth tones of taupe, white, and robin’s egg blue-green in striking variation and glistening streams that prove not all masterpieces hang on the wall. This new design is available in high gloss and Cambria Matte™. Kelvingrove™ also pairs beautifully with the following Benjamin Moore® paint colours: Himalayan Trek, Iced Marble, White Dove and Indian River.
Berwyn Matte by Cambria®
September 2017
Dense and earthy, Berwyn™ by Cambria® is inspired by the peaks and ridges of the mountain range in the northeast of Wales. Berwyn™ is beautiful, enduring and rugged like the mountains for which it is named, and its complex texture embodies all the nuances of natural topography. This design is complemented by the icy pale blue-grey of Newport™ by Cambria®, or the crisp white and faint grey texturing of Torquay™.
Beaumont by Cambria®
August 2017
Just like the small village which shares its name, BEAUMONT™ by Cambria® is full of a quiet and self-assured charm. Within its marled and knotted white and cream base, BEAUMONT™ features streaks and streams of dappled grey reminiscent of the River Eden which skirts the town. BEAUMONT™ looks great paired with BRIGHSTONE™, WEYBOURNE™, and TORQUAY™, and is complemented by these Benjamin Moore paint colours: Cloud White, Coastal Fog, Toasted Almond, and Cedar Key.
Skye by Cambria®
July 2017
Just as swirling turquoise waters reflect the clouds and sun, SKYE™ by Cambria® brings a gorgeous blue sky into your home. This bright and bold design demands to be the center of attention, just as a perfectly clear day draws your eyes. SKYE™ pairs well with DEVON™, TORQUAY™, WEYBOURNE™ and is complemented by these Benjamin Moore paint colours: Classic Gray, La Paloma Gray, Rodeo, and Graphite.
Ella Matte polaroid
Clareanne Matte by Cambria®
June 2017
Elegant and flowing, Clareanne™ Matte by Camrbia® is a calming design featuring a soft-gray background. End-to-end linear white threads weave through this luxurious quartz leaving a lasting impression. Clareanne is now available in Cambria’s NEW Matte finish. Clareanne™ is complemented by these Benjamin Moore paint colours: Van Deusen Blue, Pearl River, White Christmas, and Temptation.
Ella Matte polaroid
Ella Matte by Cambria®
May 2017
Introducing ELLA Matte by Cambria. Ella is a flowing design that replicates ripples of tide-sculpted white sand. Slender lines and intersections are embedded in a marbled, dove-grey background. This timeless quartz design is now available in Cambria’s NEW Matte finish. Cambria MATTE is a breakthrough surface finish option providing a low-sheen alternative to the standard high gloss finish. Ella Matte™ is complemented by these Benjamin Moore paint colours: Distant Gray, Silver Satin, Kingsport Gray and Castleton Mist.
Harlech polaroid
Harlech by Cambria®
April 2017
HARLECH™ is a regal and lavish design inspired by a medieval fortress, Harlech Castle, in North Wales. Like its namesake, HARLECH™ is grand, impressive, and enduring. HARLECH™ pairs well with MINERA™ and TORQUAY™ from Cambria® Quartz. HARLECH™ is complemented by these Benjamin Moore paint colours: Chatsworth Cream, Decatur Buff, Orange Ice, and Midnight Blue.
Kentmere polaroid
Kentmere by Cambria®
March 2017
KENTMERE™ from the Cambria® DESERT™ Collection is a creamy yellow-beige, reminiscent of classic vanilla ice cream. KENTMERE™ is sure to bring warmth and calm to any space. KENTMERE™ is compatible with BUCKINGHAM™ and LINWOOD™ designs from Cambria® Quartz. KENTMERE™ also pairs well with these Benjamin Moore paint colours: Mayonnaise, Kingsport Gray, Kurkuma, and Dinner Party.
Canongate polaroid
Canongate by Cambria®
February 2017
This subtle and deeply anchored design is CANONGATE™ from the Cambria® DESERT™ Collection. Discover the nuanced texture of this green-gray quartz at Progressive Countertop. CANONGATE™ is compatible with HELMSLEY™ and NEW QUAY™ designs from Cambria® Quartz. CANONGATE™ also pairs well with these Benjamin Moore paint colours: White Drifts, Revere Pewter, Monroe Bisque, and Deep Pointsettia.
Collybrooke polaroid
Collybrooke by Cambria®
January 2017
Our Feature Stone for January is COLLYBROOKE™ from Cambria®’s Marble™ collection. COLLYBROOKE™  is a smooth and sensual design with a self-assured versatility that lends itself to any colour palette. COLLYBROOKE™ draws inspiration from the ancient river rocks along the banks of Collybrooke Creek, which have been slowly and gradually softened by the creek’s gentle current. Complementary Cambria® designs include LANGDON™ and BUCKINGHAM™
Weybourne polaroid
Weybourne by Cambria®
December 2016
WEYBOURNE™, from Cambria®’s Marble™ collection is a subtly elegant design with a timeless presence. This quietly self-assured design is far from flashy or trendy – its subdued and enduring character references a stoic Augustinian priory in the ancient coastal village of Weybourne in North Norfolk. Recommended complementary Cambria® designs include CARRICK™, and DUNMORE™. WEYBOURNE™ also pairs well with these Benjamin Moore paint colours: Van Deusen Blue, Graytint, Cobblestone Path, and Oxford White.
Helmsley polaroid
Helmsley by Cambria®
November 2016
HELMSLEY™, from Cambria®’s Coastal™ collection, is named after a town in North Yorkshire which is home to the ruins of a medieval castle. The luxuriousness and opulence of this nuanced, gold-riddled design hearkens to the lifestyle of the medieval nobles who once resided at Helmsley. Recommended complementary Cambria® designs include MINERA™ and TORQUAY™. HELMSLEY™ also pairs well with these Benjamin Moore paint colours: Chatsworth Cream, Decatur Buff, In The Midnight Hour, and Midnight Blue.
Hadley polaroid
Hadley by Cambria®
October 2016
HADLEY™, from Cambria®’s Desert™ collection, is dauntless and self-assured. Inspired by the deep blue skies and faint winking stars high above Hadley Wood in southern England, this rich and bold quartz design brings a daring pop of rich colour to any space. The dense hue of HADLEY™ means this design functions in two ways – use HADLEY™ in an otherwise neutral space to create a bold focal point, or use the cool near-neutrality of this blue to create the foundation for an entirely different colour palette. Recommended complementary Cambria® designs include PRAA SANDS™, SUMMERHILL™ and SWANBRIDGE™. HALDEY™ also pairs well with these Benjamin Moore paint colours: White Winged Dove, Silver Chain, Shoreline, and Hearthstone.
Carrick polaroid
Carrick by Cambria®
September 2016
Meaning rock or rocky place in Gaelic, Carrick™ imparts memories of the stony gray walls of ancient castles standing resolute in the kingdom of Galloway Scotland. This majestic and bold design is the perfect grounding statement for light and airy spaces. Recommended complementary Cambria® designs include ELLA™ and BRITTANICCA™. CARRICK™ also pairs well with these Benjamin Moore paint colours: Graphite, Hale Navy, Baby’s Breath, and Cascade Mountains.
Swanbridge polaroid
Swanbridge by Cambria®
August 2016
A marbled background with grays and pinpoints of charcoal summons images of the stony beach along Sully Island where pirates once walked. SWANBRIDGE™ by Cambria® is a calm and relaxing addition to one of the busiest, yet most important spaces in your home. Recommended complementary Cambria® designs include CARRICK™ and DUNMORE™. SWANBRIDGE™ also pairs well with these Benjamin Moore paint colours: Kendall Charcoal, Narragansett Green, Graytint, and Oxford White.
Ellesmere polaroid
Ellesmere by Cambria®
July 2016
Sketching impressions of canals that connect three rivers with the sea, ELLESMERE™ by Cambria® spins a tale of tall ships standing proud in a harbour off the moss-covered shores of a coastal town. This unique and modern design is a bold addition to any kitchen – particularly those with an otherwise calm colour palette. Recommended complementary Cambria® designs include ELLA™ and MINERA™. ELLESMERE™ also pairs well with these neutral Benjamin Moore paint colours: Meditation, Richmond Gold, Paper White, and Whitestone.
Newport polaroid
Newport by Cambria®
June 2016
Like the pristine sands on the beaches of the Isle of Wight, NEWPORT™ by Cambria® embodies a subtle and natural beauty. This gentle, elegant Cambria® design is graceful and sophistocated, lending its quiet splendor to virtually any kitchen design. It pairs well with heavier, grounding Cambria® designs like New Quay™ and Sussex™. NEWPORT™ also complements interior paint colours that skew toward nudes and neutrals, including creams, soft golds, taupes and greys.
Seagrove polaroid
Seagrove by Cambria®
May 2016
Like a windy English bay, SEAGROVE™ by Cambria® recalls restless silver-capped waves with undercurrents of deep green. This swirling, hypnotic Cambria® design is audacious and unique, requiring the use of some of their more subdued stones like Torquay and Newport if you want to add a complementing quartz surface. Seagrove will pair well with several interior paint colours such as light, dark and cool greys, deep mossy greens and bright, crisp whites.
Progressive Countertop Feature Stone for April: Hazelford by Cambria
Hazelford by Cambria®
April 2016
From the Desert Collection™ by Cambria®, HAZELFORD™ is a luxurious and velvety brown quartz that will add a rich chocolate flavor to any space. Named for Hazelford Hall in England’s East Midlands, Cambria has created a luxurious, yet unpretentious design equally at home with modern white, wood grain and lacquered cabinets. A timeless classic.
Progressive Countertop Feature Stone - Roxwell by Cambria
Roxwell by Cambria®
March 2016
From the Oceanic Collection by Cambria, ROXWELL™ mixes bands of stately gray pebbled with tones of black, light gray and cream. The design brings to mind majestic sedimentary rock or stately stone walls. When paired with light cabinetry or subtle wood grains, ROXWELL will ground your kitchen or bath design, infusing it with a soothing energy.
Progressive Countertop Feature Stone for February: Oakmoor by Cambria
Oakmoor by Cambria®
February 2016
From the Oceanic Collection by Cambria, OAKMOOR™ merges and mixes strands of caramel, tan, and cream to resemble a wind swept beach, or the natural swirls of wood grain.