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Kitchen Transformations by Progressive Countertop

A new Cambria® or granite countertop can change the entire look and feel of a room. At Progressive Countertop, we love the satisfaction our customers get by seeing their kitchens and bathrooms transformed! Tour our Gallery of Before & After photos and let the photos speak for themselves!

Refresh & Renew

From dark and faded to light and bright, this kitchen renovation demonstrates how a little goes a long way. The colour of the cabinets in the before and after photos say it all! By substituting the dark, dated countertop with a modern white porcelain stone, these homeowners were able to transform the dynamic of their kitchen, without completely changing their kitchen. Their new white countertop softens the space and reflects the natural sunlight streaming in from the windows so that it spreads throughout the home. While the cabinets stayed the same, this client added a modern touch by renewing the cabinet pulls. The lighting fixtures were also updated for a more dramatic look.

A Winning Look

Busy, brown, worn, and faded, this client’s “before” kitchen countertop stood out among the otherwise light décor. They found it hard to overlook, and wished for a more classic, clean design. When they entered a radio contest and won $2000 towards a Cambria® quartz surface, they chose to transform their kitchen with the natural stone of their dreams: Skara Brae™ by Cambria®! Skara Brae™ has a bone-white, marbled backdrop that doesn’t overpower the other features, while its olive green veins and subtle black branches let the countertop stand out as the centerpiece of this kitchen. They liked it so much, they replaced their worn and chipped bathroom vanity countertop with the same design!

Complete Facelift

The doors are off as this kitchen is on the way to a complete update. Out comes the dated white laminate countertop and the old stainless sink. The Tropical Brown Granite is cut to precision for a new undermount sink creating a clean, fresh look. The basic layout of the kitchen remains the same, and the stainless steel refrigerator and existing tile floor integrate nicely into the new kitchen.

Good-bye ’70s

Time for an update! This circa-1970 kitchen situated in a southwest London, Ontario home shows little contrast between cupboards and countertop, but the white appliances definitely stand out! Wow, what a transformation! The addition of a new island featuring Ice Brown Granite and dark cupboards changes the entire look and feel of this London, Ontario kitchen.

Ecclectic Re-Design

From just a shell to a beautiful kitchen! Our before picture was taken part-way through construction, when the kitchen had been taken back to the studs and wall boards. The after photos feature a Canterbury™ countertop by Cambria® paired with Black Galaxy Granite featuring an “ogee” edge profile. The clients chose contrasting cabinetry in cream and dark wood to create an eclectic feel. Earth-tone colours and mineral deposits in the Cambria® countertop perfectly accentuate the bronze kitchen sink.

Goodbye Green, Hello 2016

Dark green, white and maple tones combined to create a bold statement in this “before” kitchen located in London, Ontario. The owner deftly transforms the space using nature-inspired colours found in the beautiful new Buckingham™ Quartz countertop by Cambria®. Soft beige walls are punctuated by subdued chestnut brown paint on the cabinets, creating a classic light/dark combination. The pillar, railings and open staircase are integrated into the overall design with the addition of new flooring in complementary wood tones. Fuchsia-red accents add a fanciful pop of colour.

The Counter top Difference

Good-bye outdated laminate and stainless steel sink, welcome elegant granite and a new graphite sink! What a difference new countertops can make to a space you already love! Our homeowners chose Suede Brown granite for the perimeter counters and Coral Gold granite for the island. This stone combination is a great example of how to pair a vibrant design with a softer one. The result modernizes a classic kitchen in rustic, earthy tones.

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