Timeless, Bright and ‘Sonny’

A Dream Kitchen Featuring Cambria Quartz, Colton™

Sept, 2022

It’s been only a few short weeks since Sonny the dog and his owners, Darlene and Brad, moved into their dream home. They bought a few acres of land about 12 years ago that included a turn-of-the-century farmhouse.

“It was always our intention to build. It has been a long-term dream for us. When we started the process, the kids were young and now they are off to college. So, it took a little longer than anticipated but there are no regrets,” explains Darlene.

Sonny was younger then, too. The 11-year-old lab-retriever mix remains a family staple and his owner’s transition to one-floor living has made it easier for him to get around.

Built by Riverstone Custom Homes, this beautiful, spacious bungalow features a modern, open floor plan, with the kitchen as the focal point.

The Ultimate Island Gathering Space

This gorgeous custom kitchen features Cambria® Quartz Colton™ on an oversized island – perfect for friends and family to gather around. Cambria’s Colton™ is a timeless design. Its palette combines cream and white with rusty brownish-gray tones, highlighted by gold and charcoal veining throughout.

This marble-looking quartz is alluring and catches the eye. Darlene loved the simplicity and layering effect of the veining, which to her, looks like “rippled ice-cream.”

The bright, warm, and sleek look of Cambria’s Colton™ makes this inviting, spacious island a centrepiece – perfect for both food prep and family gathering. 

Design Inspiration

For Darlene, she started by choosing Colton™ for her backsplash. Its subtle, clean design makes it a perfect option for a full-height backsplash, and other wall-cladding applications, and its stunning under the range hood and upper cabinets. By extending it to the countertop, the kitchen benefits from a streamlined, seamless look as there are no grout lines like in traditional tile backsplashes — this makes cleaning a breeze, especially behind the stove! 

“The ease of maintenance is surprising,” says Darlene. “I thought we had to be much more careful with it. I knew it was beautiful but was it practical? It Is! I learned this was an investment worth making.”

Quartz is more durable than granite and is very easy to clean – nonabsorbent and nonporous, it is not affected by food and liquids like other stone surfaces. To clean, simply use a soft cotton cloth and warm water with mild soap, if desired. 

Cambria’s Colton™ is both beautiful and functional – with no grout lines to catch stovetop food spatter, cleaning is a breeze! The brownish-grey and gold veining is subtle, yet captures the eye.

The Biggest Challenge was Choice!

For the new build, Darlene and Brad worked with a variety of contractors, including Progressive Countertop, which outfitted the entire house with backsplashes and countertops. GCW Custom Kitchens & Cabinetry provided beautiful custom cabinets. Interior Planner & Stylist Virginia Warwick was instrumental in helping Darlene and Brad determine their individual style and design preferences. Darlene prefers a simple, minimalist style but also wanted to create a calm, warm space.

The biggest challenge was choice. Progressive Countertop carries a large variety of Cambria Quartz surfaces and many granite options. To narrow their options down, Darlene and Brad booked an appointment to visit the showroom for samples. It was her idea to use Colton™ by Cambria for her backsplash. Carrying it through to the countertops gave the kitchen a clean, modern look. 

Besides the kitchen, Darlene and Brad took advantage of countertop remnants for the pantry, powder rooms and bathroom ensuites. Smaller remnants provided cost savings so that they could focus on the ‘wow factor’ in the kitchen. 

Complimentary Design

The beauty of Cambria’s Colton™ is the subtle veining, which serves as an accent and compliments the colours and light from other elements in the room. For example, the rusty veining in the countertop picks up the bronze color in the light fixture. The charcoal grey and gold veining also blends well with the hardwood oak floors and the darker island base.

Details matter! A crisp, square-cut countertop edge is straightforward, versatile, and modern—ideal for contemporary and transitional kitchens. For the Cambria edge profile, they used the Ridgeline edge.

The light cream and white backdrop colours found in Cambria’s Colton™ compliment the hardwood floors and darker island base. The countertop also beautifully reflects the natural light from the windows.

Professional Installation

It takes a lot of expertise to install a quartz island. Quartz and granite weigh about 20-25 pounds a square foot. At 37.5 square feet, this home’s island weighs approximately 750 lbs!

The team of professional installers at Progressive Countertop worked hard to make it a seamless process, in more ways than one.

“Any questions or issues we had, they (Progressive Countertop) took care of it. From levelling to caulking, to maintenance and cleaning products. The PC team was knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I would also say they were quick. I didn’t feel any of the covid delays that everyone spoke of. We are very pleased.”

End Result – Home Sweet Home

There’s no time limit to fulfilling a dream. With Covid restrictions easing, Darlene and Brad are really looking forward to having their new home filled again, as the kids come back for the holidays.

“It’s a very calm house– the kitchen is our favourite room—it captures the colours, openness and natural light. We just moved in, so once we get furniture….stools for the island, it will look cozy.”

Sonny looks comfortable already!

Why Cambria Quartz Countertops and Surfaces?

Strong and Durable Harder than granite, Cambria is less likely to scratch, chip or stain.

Maintenance Free Wipe it down with a little warm water & mild soap. No sealing or polishing needed!

Nonporous and Nonabsorbent Cambria won’t absorb moisture from food that can harbor harmful bacteria.

With a large warehouse of stone surfaces to choose from, our knowledgeable staff at Progressive Countertop are always on hand to help you navigate through the various selections until you find just the right countertop for your home.

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