2020 Kitchen Design Trends

February, 2020

Kitchen designs this year are pulling several themes from the last few years, but with a fresh take on hardware & complimentary colours.


  • Brass & nickle hardware and metal finishes compliment quartz countertops and backsplashes
  • Matching countertops and backsplashes creates an inviting look
  • Finishing your countertop in matte or with a high gloss shine to match your design style

Rustic Modern Design

Kitchens in 2020 will be drawing inspiration from existing trends, but with a fresh and subtle mix of rustic & minimal aesthetics. Hardware and metal finishes will continue to push the envelope. Brass, nickel, and matte black hardware and paint compliment the always-popular marble look, and quartz is quickly becoming an affordable alternative.

Humble & Authentic Styles

Adding a little soul to your kitchen is easier than ever before with terra-cotta, cement & other sustainable materials taking off in 2020.

A matching or coordinated countertop and backsplash, complimented by open shelving & large cupboards, is a good way to add some personality while achieving a very practical and inviting look.

Example: Cambria® Brittanicca Gold™ combines a white background with gold & silver veins.

Lustre and Shine

Countertop finishes are another area of interest in 2020. From polished, highly reflective finishes to soft, luxurious matte or leathered surfaces. Some soft lustre or satin finishes are just as durable as a high-gloss finish, but others will require some sealing and care. We can help you choose the best finish to match both style and function.

With a large warehouse of granite and quartz to choose from, our knowledgeable staff at Progressive Countertop are always on hand to help you navigate through the various selections until you find the right countertop for your home.

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