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Berkshire Brass Satin Ridge™​

by Cambria®

Whoever said heavy metal isn’t classy? Introducing Berkshire Brass Satin Ridge™ from Cambria’s Alloy Collection. This marbled design showcases metallic brass veining with delicate grey accents on a sleek white background. The slightly raised, brass-like alloy veins provide unexpected texture when you brush your hand across the surface! Berkshire Brass Satin Ridge beautifully blends modern design with nature-inspired beauty. Perfect for kitchen islands, backsplashes, showers, feature walls and so much more! Elevate your space with stunning visual and tactile appeal! *Featured in the kitchen of the London Home Builders Association’s 2024 Green Home Build.

Photo: Jackie Noble


Calacatta Mediceo ™

by Laminam®

A spring awakening of your design senses! Calacatta Mediceo by Laminam is a decadent ceramic surface with the look of marble and luxurious colors reminiscent of Italian cream and caramel. Laminam offers versatile design options that can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications like kitchen worktops and island countertops; as well as backsplashes, wall cladding, and furniture table tops. Its heat resistance and durability for withstanding temperature extremes make it perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces alike. Choose from Lucidato (polished) or soft-touch finishes to illuminate your kitchen or bath.


Calacatta Extra ​

by HanStone Quartz®

Introducing Calacatta Extra by HanStone Quartz. Part of HanStone’s Modern Antiquity Collection, this beautiful marble-inspired slab features intricate taupe and grey veining on a crisp white base. Its subtle veining creates an authentic stone appearance that compliments a range of materials, including wood, tiles and metals. For added design flair, try pairing Calacatta Extra with a gold or bronze faucet to enhance the design.  This versatile stone seamlessly blends modern and old-world styles, making it perfect for both residential  and commercial spaces. Plus, HanStone Quartz is Canadian-made in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility right here in London, Ontario. Available at Progressive Countertop – Beauty is close to home!



Dekton® – Awake
by Cosentino®

Awaken your spaces with Dekton® AWAKE, developed by Cosentino®. This stunning stone surface shines as a reinterpretation of the iconic Paonazzo marble, featuring light grey, cream, and luscious rusty terracotta veining over an ivory background. Dekton® is composed of multiple stone minerals, including porcelain, glass, and quartz, making it superbly strong and versatile—perfect for use in the home for showers, tables, countertops, as well as for larger commercial projects like the feature wall display in our very own London design showroom!

FEATURE STONE January 2024



Elevate your spaces with Verderame (vare-dare-a-may) by Laminam, a beautiful emerald green ceramic stone with hints of copper. From the Ossido Collection, this textured stone imitates an oxidized copper patina or verdigris with bold colour variations, beautifully highlighted when light falls across it. Laminam ultra-thin ceramic slabs are engineered in Italy – and can be used on various surfaces beyond countertops such as flooring, interior/exterior wall cladding, and table tops. Thanks to its anti-slip finish, Verderame is perfect for areas where water is present. You can see it featured as wall cladding in the guest washroom at our London showroom. Use it in your home to create a verdant, warm oasis – perfect for the January blahs!

FEATURE STONE December 2023

Windsor Steel Satin Ridge™


What’s white and sparkles with hints of silver to complement gold? Windsor Steel Satin Ridge™ by Cambria® quartz. This beautiful new stone surface features a cool white base with warm, honey and charcoal veining throughout. The patterns come alive with movement and depth, but what makes this stone surface extra special is its steel alloy and debossed Inverness™ veining. Not only can you see the sparkle, you can actually feel its texture! Perfect for a kitchen island or countertop bar, this quartz surface will elevate any gathering space and bring out the festive spirit – all year round!

A closer look at the stunning detail and subtle texture in Windsor Steel Satin Ridge by Cambria Quartz Surfaces.
Get a closer look at the texture and detail in Windsor Brass Satin Ridge™ quartz countertop by Cambria.

FEATURE STONE November 2023

Windsor Brass Satin Ridge™​


It’s that time of year when the days get colder and a little greyer.  Bring warmth and light indoors with the glow of Windsor Brass Satin Ridge™ – the latest design by Cambria® Quartz. Warm chocolate brown and honey colours mix over cool, sweeping patterns like water over sand. What makes this new quartz surface extra special is the radiant brass debossed veining that is slightly raised and smooth to the touch – offering a tactile experience with a little sparkle! Use this quartz surface for a beautiful kitchen island centerpiece, or add more glow around your fireplace with a large feature wall. Windsor Brass Satin Ridge™ – a versatile, transformative quartz design.

FEATURE STONE October 2023



October: shorter days and cooler temperatures; spice lattes and cozy sweaters. Why not invite warmth and elegance into your home with Lakedale™ by Cambria® Quartz. Like a perfect Fall day, Lakedake is a soothing blend of warm and cool: soft honey brown veins meander with ribbons of stippled charcoal through a cool, bright white background. Lakedale’s calm palette is perfect for the kitchen or bathroom., and is available in both high gloss and Cambria Matte® finishes.  

Lakedale™ by Cambria quartz
Travella™ by Cambria

FEATURE STONE September 2023



If you were to look down from high in the sky at a beautiful open landscape, you’d see the inspiration for Travella™ by Cambria quartz. A creamy marbled background is sprinkled with delicate navy blue veins, resembling a myriad of rivers and streams.  This is an elegant design that balances patterned movement with a neutral colour palette, invoking a feeling of calm. Travella pairs beautifully with solid colours like navy blue, or natural woods. A versatile choice for any room–  let it travel throughout the home to the laundry room, or bathroom! 




Introducing Hailey™, a beautiful new quartz design from Cambria that’s sure to turn heads! Vibrant aubergine hues (think deep purple or cranberry) create the look of sweeping movement against a clean white backdrop. Soft, warm grays seamlessly blend in, adding depth. Hailey is a versatile design that pairs perfectly with bold colours like dark brown, black or charcoal. Hailey also compliments neutral colours and natural textures such as woods, leather or metals. If you’d like to add sophistication and flair to your home or business, try this new quartz design on countertops, shower walls, feature walls and more. Hailey covers it all– beautifully!   

Hailey™ by Cambria.
Brittanicca Gold Cool™ by Cambria


Brittanicca Gold Cool™​


Inspired by the  rocky terrains of Greece, this design features copper gold and earth tone veining on a cool, white background. The veining resembles stream-like movement over stone, adding an authenticity to the design. The mix of warm and cool colours makes it a versatile choice, suitable for modern or traditional designs. Picture a beautiful spa-like bathroom, or a check-in counter at a high-end retreat. Pair it with Britannica Gold Warm™ for complimentary designs. Like Greek architecture, this design is built to last – Balanced, timeless and beautiful.




For a mix of traditional and modern, Harlow is a new go-to design for elevating any room!  Featuring swirls of sleek rich, warm chocolate brown and black hues on a cool, crisp white canvas, Harlow’s organic-looking veining adds movement with its wave-like pattern, drawing you in. The neutral colour palette is versatile and pairs well with a variety of design styles and elements, including wood-stained cabinetry and flooring. Use it on your kitchen island and carry it through as a seamless backsplash. Warm, clean, sophisticated and beautiful! Visit our showrooms for a sample of Harlow.




Add a Fresh Face to your place! Check out beautiful Southport by Cambria. This stunning quartz design is set on a cool, white background with giant waves of warm gray veins mixed with lines of dark taupe verging on delicious chocolate brown.  With its river-like movement, Southport is a versatile design and will look fantastic in any application. Visit our New London Showroom and see a floor-to-ceiling fireplace installation of Southport! 

March 2023



As we approach the season of renewal, why not refresh your living space? Meet Everleigh, a natural beauty and one of Cambria’s latest quartz design surfaces. Everleigh’s tone-on-tone colour palette is calming, featuring subtle waves of cool white, soft grey and warm honey. And the pattern is captivating – inspired by the movement of glaciers. Everleigh is versatile, durable and looks amazing in any room. Perfect for a centerpiece kitchen island – it can also be used on surrounding countertops and carried through to the backsplash for a seamless look. Large format slabs are available for that spa-like shower you deserve; or even an elegant statement wall in the master bedroom.

February 2023



Welcome Abbey™, a new design in Cambria’s Luxury Series. Inspired by balance and tranquility, Abbey will welcome you home to your stylish, zen place! The light, inviting colour palette features a cream background, accented by cool grey and warm gold-copper veining. A sister design to Cambria’s Colton™, the veining throughout Abbey is slightly bolder in thickness and movement. Yet, it still has a subtle, organic feel. Abbey will complement modern and traditional styles and enhance large and small spaces. Add a breath of fresh air to your kitchen, bathroom, or countertop bar. Ask about jumbo sizes for home or business wall treatments, walk in showers and more!

January 2023

Berkshire Brass Sculpted™


Metallics are trending across home interiors and fashion in 2023! Ring in the New Year with Berkshire Brass Sculpted by Cambria. This new quartz design is a stand-out, mixing modern industrial style with nature-inspired beauty. Part of Cambria’s new ALLOY COLLECTION, Berkshire Brass Sculpted features never-before-seen brass veining – you can literally feel the proprietary, metallic texture. Combined with subtle gray accents on a beautiful white marbled background, Berkshire Brass Sculpted is sure to elevate your home or commercial space with both visual and tactile appeal!

December 2022



Clifton is part of Cambria’s new nature-inspired quartz designs, with a coastal, down-by-the-sea look. It’s set on a cool white canvas with swirling shades of green–from sage to soft mint. Its Add comfort and sparkling-joy to your home this season with Whitney™, part of Cambria’s Signature Series. Whitney features a white background with subtle flecks of silver sparkling like crystal. The light cololur and soft shimmer makes Whitney a classy and versatile choice for both residential and commercial settings. This quartz countertop fits in and stands out. It adds sophistication to bathroom vanities, laundry rooms, kitchen islands– even retail counters and office boardrooms. Whitney also pairs well with contrasting Cambria quartz colours, like the deep, royal blue of Cambria’s Hadley™. Simple and festive when needed, Whitney is on the wish list all year long!

November 2022

Inverness Cobalt™


Like your favourite blue jeans, you can create a casual or dressed-up look at home with Inverness Cobalt. Its crisp white background is punctuated with stormy-blue veining that you can see and feel. The Inverness collection features a unique debossing technique, where the veining is imprinted on the quartz surface to add a subtle texture. Cobalt is versatile – it pairs beautifully with a variety of wall colours and mixed materials, such as hardwood floors. Use it as a centerpiece on a kitchen island, or create a stunning, spa-like bathroom with Cobalt as a high impact feature wall in a walk-in shower.

October 2022



Clifton is part of Cambria’s new nature-inspired quartz designs, with a coastal, down-by-the-sea look. It’s set on a cool white canvas with swirling shades of green–from sage to soft mint. Its palette is subtle and calming, yet silver crystals catch the eye. This neutral looking quartz works in many different environments; from spa-inspired bathrooms to open-concept kitchens. As we spend more time indoors over the Fall months, know that Clifton can bring the look of a seaside escape into your living space!

September 2022



Ainsley™ is a new Cambria Quartz design featuring a warm white background overlaid with delicate grey veining that adds depth as it moves in tight and open patterns. This creates light and dark pools of colour, bringing to mind looking through the gently moving waters to the bottom of a shallow stream. Ainsley is a great choice for both kitchen and bathroom countertops, and for stand-out, feature applications like fireplace cladding or backsplashes. With its subtle shimmer, this elegant quartz design would also work well as a product counter in a spa or salon. If you’re looking to bring soft sophistication and elegance to any room, start with AINSLEY.

August 2022



It’s summertime. Picture yourself on a beach. You’re sitting in the warm sand, taking in the sea-salt air. Now imagine if you could bring this feeling into your home? True to its name, the cool whites and grays of Sandgate™ by Cambria® evoke the surface of your favorite summer beach. Featuring a cool, white swirling backdrop that combines warm gray and silver crystals to catch your eye. This is a neutral design but the reflectivity of the crystals creates dimension and beauty. Plus, it’s calming – perfect for a spa-like bathroom, use it on the countertop and in place of tiles in your shower!

July 2022



Oakleigh™ is one of Cambria’s latest designs. Impeccably executed, Oakleigh™ presents a contemporary spin on the classic white surface. Striking black & gold veins cut across a cool white canvas, creating a high-contrast surface with a perfect combination of simplicity & luxury. If you look closely, you’ll notice a slight shimmer within these bold veins which breathe life and excitement into the design. Pair Oakleigh™ with Cambria’s White Cliff™ or Blackpool Matte™ to compliment the high-contrast in this design.

June 2022

Inverness Frost™


Inverness Frost™ is one of Cambria’s newer designs, recently introduced to the Inverness Collection. This collection leverages a unique and innovative design feature known as debossing, a groundbreaking technique that involves imprinting the veins on the quartz surface to add a gentle texture. Inverness Frost™ has become a favourite among many designers and homeowners because it takes the traditional white countertop to the next level, with veins that fracture the surface organically. Inverness Frost™ pairs beautifully with many colours and textures, offering endless design opportunities.

May 2022



Thick, bold grey veins move with fluidity across a creamy marbled background in this striking design by Cambria. Brittanicca™ is one of Cambria’s more outstanding quartz surfaces that pairs the elegance of delicate white and cream colours with shades of natural grey stone. Perfect for islands, backsplashes, kitchens and bathrooms, Brittanicca™ makes a statement and adds intricacy to minimalist and contemporary designs. Brittanicca™ is available in a high gloss or Cambria matte® finish and pairs nicely with neutrals, black and gold finishes.

April 2022



Meaning rock or rocky place in Gaelic, Carrick™ imparts memories of the stony gray walls of ancient castles standing resolute in the kingdom of Galloway, Scotland. This majestic and bold design is the perfect grounding statement for light and airy spaces. Recommended complementary Cambria® designs include ELLA™ and BRITTANICCA™.

March 2022



Looking for something more versatile? Clare’s flexible, striking design creates ample opportunity for a variety of applications. Clare combines elegance with modernity – its bright white veins cut sharply across a cool grey background. Clare’s industrial, concrete feel is intersected by snowy crackling streaks to produce a design that’s both versatile and sophisticated. Enliven Clare’s design by pairing with dark woodtones and slick black or gold finishes.

February 2022



Cashel is sure to cultivate a magical moment in your design. Burgundy veins fracture across an ivory canvas, with subtle hints of shimmer and gold that will breathe new life into any space. Cashel’s bold veins are framed by tan flecks, creating an undeniable warmth that shimmers with enchantment. Don’t be shy with other textures. Cashel is a show stopper but makes room for decorative backsplashes, natural wood grains, and other design elements with movement.

January 2022



Dive into Hermitage and experience the delicate gold veins rippling across the warm-white stone. Hermitage’s lighter and darker pools of colour manifest a spa-like experience that’s imbued with beauty and tranquillity. Movement ripples organically across the surface, producing energy that will encapsulate you in a peaceful shimmering pool. Accentuate Hermitage’s design by pairing with light, natural wood tones like bamboo, earthy tones and black finishes.

December 2021

Notting Hill™


Like the beautiful town it was named after, NOTTING HILL™ brings a timeless charm to any environment. Notting Hill’s vibrant energy is represented in the lively, rich burgundy veins that flow diagonally across a clean warm-white canvas. Running through Notting Hill’s vivacious veins is a soft shimmer and a glint of gold to invigorate any space. Notting Hill pairs beautifully with dark, rich woods and natural wood tones, particularly dark cherry and walnut. Brushed gold finishes work to bring out the shimmer in the countertop.

November 2021



HEMSWORTH™ by Cambria® is a handsome, high-contrast design – a cream scape with lacy black tendrils that criss-cross and wander. This sinuous, striking natural quartz surface brings movement and energy to your space, and the neutral palette makes Hemsworth extremely versatile.

October 2021



BLACKBROOK™ is a striking, high-contrast design from Cambria® – its black landscape split by stark white streaks embodies lightning in a starless sky. Blackbrook’s bold, dramatic surface flows seamlessly with black cabinetry and appliances, or can anchor an otherwise stark white space. 

September 2021



BRIDPORT™ is one of Cambria’s prettiest designs. The base is a light grey with a subtle lavender tint topped off with plentiful dark-grey veins and ripples. Bridport pairs beautifully with sage and olive greens, or cool-toned, off-white hues.

August 2021



Nothing says luxury like black and gold – WOODCROFT™ by Cambria® delivers an elegant, understated approach to this classically extravagant pairing. An onyx scape streaked with veins of gold and silver, Woodcroft’s design can be amplified with golden wood-tones and metallic accents and appliances, or tempered when paired with simple black or white spaces.

July 2021



Cool, concrete-grey does not have to be limited to plain or industrial styles. BRADWELL™ combines one of interior design’s most adaptable base colours with a gentle blue-grey texture that brings life and style to your space. It goes with almost anything, but dark blue-grey paint colours and natural wood accents are fitting companions for Bradwell.

June 2021



IVYBRIDGE™ is a cool-toned, icy white vista divided by ripples of dark teal, evoking tendrils of ivy tenaciously climbing a white wall. A delicate gold shimmer throughout Ivybridge elicits feelings of whimsy, and softens this otherwise stately stone. Ivybridge couples compatibly with greens, greys, and muted wood-tones, but pops when paired with a warm gold or yellow to enliven its subtle shimmer.

May 2021



MALVERN™ is a warm, gentle, and soothing design dripping with sophistication. The soft vanilla base is textured with a faint grey dappling, accented by vivid white veins. Malvern suits warm-toned grey hues and shades of golden brown, but this elegant design is amazingly versatile and complementary.

April 2021



WHITBY™has a gorgeous surface, comprised of a soft cream background subtly marbled in the faintest blue-grey. It is the picture of quiet refinement, and unpretentiously elevates your design, Bring out Whitby’s whimsy by pairing it with sage green or deep aqua, or keep it peaceful with cool-toned greyscale hues.

March 2021



Simplicity is beautiful in SMITHFIELD™, Cambria’s subtle soft-white addition to their Marble Collection. The faint grey texture present throughout Smithfield has the depth and appeal of freshly fallen snow from afar. Upon closer inspection, Smithfield reveals delicate playful speckles in an intricate veining pattern.

February 2021



Bring warmth and movement into your space with CLOVELLY™ from Cambria’s Marble Collection. This design begs for room to shine – robust copper swaths flow across a warm cream undertone, traced by brown curves and accented by sprightly brown and black filaments throughout. Clovelly is versatile and can work with brick, burgundy, mustard, and terracotta paint colours as well as warm or neutral grey-scale shades.

January 2021



The peaceful flow of SUTHERLAND’s smooth surface brings subtle, organic beauty to any space. The soft alabaster stone and gentle shades-of-grey veins are versatile and understated, so Sutherland can complement and enhance any design palette. We love it combined with deep blue tones, warm wood, and white paint.

December 2020



Few bold designs are as versatile as solid neutrals, and QUEENSBURY is such an exceptional surface. Large tunnels of mid-grey interspersed with sparkling crystals wander across a feathery soft grey backdrop. Queensbury adapts to your space, and shines whether among pure white spaces, natural finishes, or even large accents of bold colours.

November 2020



HAWKSMOORE™ is a harmonious new design from Cambria, with a little edge. Slightly irregular, delicate threads of dark taupe course in unison across Hawksmoore’s gentle cream backdrop. The warm undertones of Hawksmoore make it a great match for rich browns, golds, and warm greys or off-white.

October 2020



Drama, elegance, and nuance exist together in Charlestown, one of Cambria’s darkest designs. The base is a rich charcoal, deepened with pools of black and made lively by delicate white striations. Charlestown embodies modern luxury, so gold accents and minimalist designs allow it to reach its full potential.

September 2020



Our Feature Stone for September is Buxton, by Cambria. Buxton is a rich and nuanced design in a sandy taupe-grey palette. The grainy, white-speckled surface gains depth from pools of deeper natural stone shades. It is a lively and intricate pattern that mellows at a distance, and looks beautiful among softer mid-tone colours including taupe, light grey, sage green, and so much more.

August 2020



Our feature stone for August is Archdale™, a peaceful and relaxed design, comprised of cool undertones and peppery veins. This gorgeous stone embodies the organic, sprawling geometry of cracking ice from afar, and the lines disperse into gentle speckles as you look closer. Make the most of Archdale by partnering it with cool greys and muted blues, accented by lush forest green and muted wood finishes.

July 2020



Our feature stone for July is DEVON™, part of the Signature Series by Cambria®. This stone is peaceful, neutral and simple – a refreshing break from the busyness of daily life.

June 2020

Brittanica Block™


Brittanicca Block™ by 👑 Cambria, our Feature Stone for June, is one of Cambria’s most iconic styles reimagined. The parallel lines of milky white interspersed with large, segmented swaths of Brittanicca’s signature veining create a uniquely charming effect with all the elegance of natural stone. Brittanicca Block lends itself well to high-contrast and minimalist spaces, where it adds whimsy and visual interest. Book an appointment or online consultation to learn more about this fresh design!

May 2020



Gladstone™ by 👑 Cambria, our Feature Stone for May, is a sweeping, grand design full of classic elegance. The overall colour is a soft, misty grey enhanced by trails and delicate webbing of deep grey. Gladstone is an unforgettable design which can elevate your space, particularly when paired with high-contrast greyscale walls and floor, and gold or copper finishes. Book a FREE virtual consultation and imagine Gladstone in your kitchen, bath, laundry or bar!

April 2020



Portrush™ by 👑 Cambria, our Feature Stone for April, is an all new design for 2020! This elegant design has a classic porcelain-white background accented with navy blue and gold. ✨ If you look closer, you’ll see shimmering gold flakes!

March 2020



March’s feature stone, CANTERBURY by Cambria, A regal design with a refreshingly modern feel, Canterbury offers a blend of rich, warm tones of wood, leather, and stone.

February 2020



February’s feature stone, Minera by Cambria, blends luminous shades of gunmetal, steel and pewter. Minera sparkles and makes a statement – this dramatic surface will elevate any design.

January 2020

Praa Sands™


Praa Sands by Cambria is a moody combination of cream, tan, and greys. Its striking dark grey veining mimics the rocky outcroppings along a pristine stretch of beach. Relaxing, soothing, dramatic!

December 2019



Brentwood blends restrained shades of charcoal, silver and taupe to reflect the beauty of weathered stone. Its wintry palette is cool, calm and serene – a perfect complement to both painted and natural wood cabinets.

November 2019



Marwell, part of Cambria’s Black Marble Collection, is rich, warm and inviting – perfect as we retreat to our cozy interiors as the weather turns colder. Walnut-brown, dark grays and neutral creams swirl into fascinating shapes and tones.

October 2019



Bellingham, part of Cambria’s Waterstone Collection, features marble-like waves of dark gray and black swirl about a backdrop of creams and light gray, proving casual can also be elegant.

September 2019

Queen Anne


The velvet-gray marbled background of Queen Anne by Cambria provides a calm canvas for billowing white streams, creating alluring depth. This stone’s movement and neutral colour scheme make it a great centerpiece for a modern kitchen design.

August 2019



Summerhill by Cambria is a beautiful stone that is equal parts serenity and drama. Summerhill draws its name from the Welsh coastal village, where billowing clouds of white and gray drift above the sea, echoing the character of Summerhill’s stoney beaches.

July 2019



This creamy gray stone is accented with punches of gold and copper. WINDERMERE by Cambria is clean and light with strong accents. This elegant design demands a second look.

June 2019



MYDDLETON by Cambria is a translucent, whitish-gray, crystal-like base adorned with white wisps and large brushstrokes to create exceptional depth and character. In this photo, Myddleton is used as a full-height backsplash. LED lights installed behind transform this stone into a glowing piece of art.

May 2019



DARLINGTON by Cambria is light, serene, and soothing – and features subtle wisps of khaki and olive in a cream base. This design gets its inspiration from the stony river beds of Northeastern England. Available in high gloss and Cambria Matte™ finish.

April 2019



HOLLINSBROOK by Cambria is a rich and lively stone that uses a powerful combination of dark colours to invoke luxury. This expressive use of dark tones including black, chestnut, and gray with a touch of white, creates a bold & impressive design. Available in high gloss and Cambria Matte finishes.

March 2019



BENTLEY from Cambria’s Black Marble Collection is a bold display of light and dark that commands attention. Strong, translucent black and charcoal veins criss-cross a soft white background. This striking contrast of ebony and ivory is muted by light gray spatters and cross veins. Available in high gloss and Cambria Matte finishes.

February 2019



IRONSBRIDGE from Cambria’s Marble Collection is a bold, intriguing design – just as the name suggests. A mix of liquid honey accents merges with patchworks of grays, whites and creams creating a striking design. Available in either high gloss or Cambria’s own Matte finish, IRONSBRIDGE will command attention for many years. This design was featured in our booth at the Lifestyle Home Show. It pairs well with four paint colours available from Benjamin Moore: Coastal Path, White Opulence, Caliente, and Golden Retriever.

Janurary 2019



CLAIRIDGE is an opulent design from Cambria’s new Woodstone Collection. This statement stone features graceful striations of tan, walnut-brown, cream, black and gray flowing in parallel layers with dark accents cutting across the grain. Equally suited for home or office, this stone will command attention in any room. Available in high gloss and matte finishes, Cambria Natural Stone countertops offer incredible beauty and unmatched durability. Cambria designers like to pair CLAIRIDGE with these Benjamin Moore colours: Clinton Brown #HC-67, Decorator’s White OC-149, Balboa Mist OC-27 and Shabby Chic 1018.

December 2018

Pendle Hill


Pendle Hill from Cambria’s Waterstone Collection features warm cream and beige clusters which meander throughout the stone creating a mesmerizing effect. Accentuated with darker specks for visual interest, this stone is equally suitable for your home or office, anyplace where style, sophistication and classic design are sought after. Available in high gloss or Cambria Matte, this stone will keep you in style for years to come.

November 2018



Torquay, from Cambria’s Marble Collection. This classic, contemporary selection evokes a feeling of luxury and style. Torquay offers a beautiful marble-like appearance that is both posh and continental, much like the English seas-side town it draws its name from. Available in a high-gloss or Cambria Matte finish, it never needs sealing or polishing. To clean you simply use a soft cotton cloth, tepid water and a mild soap if desired. Torquay pairs well with both warm or cool colours providing a consistent focal point for any design palette.

October 2018



Harlech, from Cambria’s Coastal Collection. This regal and lavish design features warm autumn colours like tan, copper and chestnut. Harlech is the perfect stone to match with wood accents, and it’s rich design will make your contemporary kitchen feel warm and cozy. Cambria Quartz never needs sealing or polishing, doesn’t stain, and requires minimal maintenance. Include Harlech in your design – it pairs well with both neutral colours and rich browns.

September 2018



This classy and understated design features an intriguing combination of warm cream, beige, darker tan, and soft grey splashes and veins. Crowndale is visually interesting enough to be a stand-out piece in a minimalist kitchen, and versatile enough to blend into and complement a more complex design. Cambria Quartz never needs sealing or polishing, doesn’t stain, and requires minimal maintenance. Include Crowndale in your design – it pairs well with most colours because of its neutral palette, but is especially gorgeous with natural wood tones.

August 2018



This steely-blue design splashes and swirls like the river that runs through its namesake town. White and dark grey accents add depth and natural variance to this steady and versatile design. Cambria Quartz never needs sealing or polishing, doesn’t stain, and requires minimal maintenance. Include Bridgewater in your design – it pairs well with blues, greys, browns, and cream. Bridgewater is at home in traditional and industrial-style spaces. 

July 2018



This muscular and roiling design of gray, black, and white surges like an unruly river challenging its banks. Cambria Quartz never needs sealing or polishing, doesn’t stain, and requires minimal maintenance. Include LEVVEN in your design – it pairs gorgeously with light or dark grey, burgundy, and navy, and is available in a high-gloss or exclusive Cambria Matte finish. 

June 2018

Skara Brae


Named for a Neolithic settlement on the Bay of Skaill, Skara Brae™ embodies the depth of history from this ancient site. Sweeping swaths of translucent olive green cut across a bone-white landscape, supported by delicate branches of black and white veins throughout. Like the ancient people who built their settlement on the unforgiving Orkney Islands in Scotland, Skara Brae™ is an adaptable, enduring, and fearless design. Every Cambria surface comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty to ensure your complete confidence. 

May 2018



Mersey is a deep, glassy black accented with white streaks throughout that flash like lightning in a night sky. Available in high gloss and Cambria Matte™. Cambria never needs sealing or polishing. Every Cambria surface comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty to ensure your complete confidence.

April 2018



This design has a neutral white background infused with gray veins and subtle gold and purple sparkles – for a regal and new spin on a classic marble design. Available in high gloss and Cambria Matte™. Cambria never needs sealing or polishing. To clean Cambria, simply use a soft cotton cloth, warm water, and mild soap if desired.

March 2018



Combining true strength and delicate beauty, this intriguing design blends liquid honey accents with patchworks of grays, whites, and cream to beautifully merge warm and cool tones in delightful harmony. Ironsbridge™ also pairs beautifully with the following Benjamin Moore® paint colours: Caliente, Golden Retriever, Coastal Path and White Opulence.

February 2018



Warm neutral tones are interspersed with unique fossil-like fragments that add notes of intrigue to this rich and highly refined design. Available in high gloss and Cambria Matte™. Highgate™ also pairs beautifully with the following Benjamin Moore® paint colours: Caliente, Cranberry Cocktail, Silver Marlin, and Moonshine.

January 2018

Brittanicca Gold


Flowing, multi-hued streams of copper gold, fog, and translucent greige course through this grand design accompanied by wisps and ribbons of warm earth tones against a temperate white background. Available in high gloss and Cambria Matte™ finishes. Brittanicca Gold™ also pairs beautifully with the following Benjamin Moore® paint colours: Caliente, Incense Stick, Coastal Path, and Elk Horn.

December 2017



Langdon™ by Cambria® is an intriguing design that calls to mind the ancient beige abbey stones standing against white-capped storm-gray waters off the coast. This design is now available in high gloss and Cambria Matte™ finishes. Langdon™ also pairs beautifully with the following Benjamin Moore® paint colours: Temporal Spirit, Brandon Beige, Dark Nut Brown, and Secret.

November 2017



Rosedale™ by Cambria® is artistic and striking, with high-contrast black-on-white veining which fades across to create an ombre effect. This dynamic and mysterious design is available in the signature high gloss and new Cambria Matte™ finishes. Rosedale™ also pairs beautifully with the following Benjamin Moore® paint colours: Baby’s Breath, Seapearl, Gray Shower, and Hale Navy.

October 2017



The warm and nurturing Kelvingrove™ by Cambria® blends together earth tones of taupe, white, and robin’s egg blue-green in striking variation and glistening streams that prove not all masterpieces hang on the wall. This new design is available in high gloss and Cambria Matte™. Kelvingrove™ also pairs beautifully with the following Benjamin Moore® paint colours: Himalayan Trek, Iced Marble, White Dove and Indian River.

September 2017

Berwyn Matte


Dense and earthy, Berwyn™ by Cambria® is inspired by the peaks and ridges of the mountain range in the northeast of Wales. Berwyn™ is beautiful, enduring and rugged like the mountains for which it is named, and its complex texture embodies all the nuances of natural topography. This design is complemented by the icy pale blue-grey of Newport™ by Cambria®, or the crisp white and faint grey texturing of Torquay™.

August 2017



Just like the small village which shares its name, BEAUMONT™ by Cambria® is full of a quiet and self-assured charm. Within its marled and knotted white and cream base, BEAUMONT™ features streaks and streams of dappled grey reminiscent of the River Eden which skirts the town. BEAUMONT™ looks great paired with BRIGHSTONE™, WEYBOURNE™, and TORQUAY™, and is complemented by these Benjamin Moore paint colours: Cloud White, Coastal Fog, Toasted Almond, and Cedar Key.

July 2017



Just as swirling turquoise waters reflect the clouds and sun, SKYE™ by Cambria® brings a gorgeous blue sky into your home. This bright and bold design demands to be the center of attention, just as a perfectly clear day draws your eyes. SKYE™ pairs well with DEVON™, TORQUAY™, WEYBOURNE™ and is complemented by these Benjamin Moore paint colours: Classic Gray, La Paloma Gray, Rodeo, and Graphite.

June 2017

Clareanne Matte


Elegant and flowing, Clareanne™ Matte by Camrbia® is a calming design featuring a soft-gray background. End-to-end linear white threads weave through this luxurious quartz leaving a lasting impression. Clareanne is now available in Cambria’s NEW Matte finish. Clareanne™ is complemented by these Benjamin Moore paint colours: Van Deusen Blue, Pearl River, White Christmas, and Temptation.

May 2017

Ella Matte


Introducing ELLA Matte by Cambria. Ella is a flowing design that replicates ripples of tide-sculpted white sand. Slender lines and intersections are embedded in a marbled, dove-grey background. This timeless quartz design is now available in Cambria’s NEW Matte finish. Cambria MATTE is a breakthrough surface finish option providing a low-sheen alternative to the standard high gloss finish. Ella Matte™ is complemented by these Benjamin Moore paint colours: Distant Gray, Silver Satin, Kingsport Gray and Castleton Mist.

April 2017



HARLECH™ is a regal and lavish design inspired by a medieval fortress, Harlech Castle, in North Wales. Like its namesake, HARLECH™ is grand, impressive, and enduring. HARLECH™ pairs well with MINERA™ and TORQUAY™ from Cambria® Quartz. HARLECH™ is complemented by these Benjamin Moore paint colours: Chatsworth Cream, Decatur Buff, Orange Ice, and Midnight Blue.

March 2017



KENTMERE™ from the Cambria® DESERT™ Collection is a creamy yellow-beige, reminiscent of classic vanilla ice cream. KENTMERE™ is sure to bring warmth and calm to any space. KENTMERE™ is compatible with BUCKINGHAM™ and LINWOOD™ designs from Cambria® Quartz. KENTMERE™ also pairs well with these Benjamin Moore paint colours: Mayonnaise, Kingsport Gray, Kurkuma, and Dinner Party.

February 2017



This subtle and deeply anchored design is CANONGATE™ from the Cambria® DESERT™ Collection. Discover the nuanced texture of this green-gray quartz at Progressive Countertop. CANONGATE™ is compatible with HELMSLEY™ and NEW QUAY™ designs from Cambria® Quartz. CANONGATE™ also pairs well with these Benjamin Moore paint colours: White Drifts, Revere Pewter, Monroe Bisque, and Deep Pointsettia.

January 2017



Our Feature Stone for January is COLLYBROOKE™ from Cambria®’s Marble™ collection. COLLYBROOKE™  is a smooth and sensual design with a self-assured versatility that lends itself to any colour palette. COLLYBROOKE™ draws inspiration from the ancient river rocks along the banks of Collybrooke Creek, which have been slowly and gradually softened by the creek’s gentle current. Complementary Cambria® designs include LANGDON™ and BUCKINGHAM™

December 2016



WEYBOURNE™, from Cambria®’s Marble™ collection is a subtly elegant design with a timeless presence. This quietly self-assured design is far from flashy or trendy – its subdued and enduring character references a stoic Augustinian priory in the ancient coastal village of Weybourne in North Norfolk. Recommended complementary Cambria® designs include CARRICK™, and DUNMORE™. WEYBOURNE™ also pairs well with these Benjamin Moore paint colours: Van Deusen Blue, Graytint, Cobblestone Path, and Oxford White.

November 2016



HELMSLEY™, from Cambria®’s Coastal™ collection, is named after a town in North Yorkshire which is home to the ruins of a medieval castle. The luxuriousness and opulence of this nuanced, gold-riddled design hearkens to the lifestyle of the medieval nobles who once resided at Helmsley. Recommended complementary Cambria® designs include MINERA™ and TORQUAY™. HELMSLEY™ also pairs well with these Benjamin Moore paint colours: Chatsworth Cream, Decatur Buff, In The Midnight Hour, and Midnight Blue.

October 2016



HADLEY™, from Cambria®’s Desert™ collection, is dauntless and self-assured. Inspired by the deep blue skies and faint winking stars high above Hadley Wood in southern England, this rich and bold quartz design brings a daring pop of rich colour to any space. The dense hue of HADLEY™ means this design functions in two ways – use HADLEY™ in an otherwise neutral space to create a bold focal point, or use the cool near-neutrality of this blue to create the foundation for an entirely different colour palette. Recommended complementary Cambria® designs include PRAA SANDS™, SUMMERHILL™ and SWANBRIDGE™. HALDEY™ also pairs well with these Benjamin Moore paint colours: White Winged Dove, Silver Chain, Shoreline, and Hearthstone.

September 2016



Meaning rock or rocky place in Gaelic, Carrick™ imparts memories of the stony gray walls of ancient castles standing resolute in the kingdom of Galloway Scotland. This majestic and bold design is the perfect grounding statement for light and airy spaces. Recommended complementary Cambria® designs include ELLA™ and BRITTANICCA™. CARRICK™ also pairs well with these Benjamin Moore paint colours: Graphite, Hale Navy, Baby’s Breath, and Cascade Mountains.

August 2016



A marbled background with grays and pinpoints of charcoal summons images of the stony beach along Sully Island where pirates once walked. SWANBRIDGE™ by Cambria® is a calm and relaxing addition to one of the busiest, yet most important spaces in your home. Recommended complementary Cambria® designs include CARRICK™ and DUNMORE™. SWANBRIDGE™ also pairs well with these Benjamin Moore paint colours: Kendall Charcoal, Narragansett Green, Graytint, and Oxford White.

July 2016



Sketching impressions of canals that connect three rivers with the sea, ELLESMERE™ by Cambria® spins a tale of tall ships standing proud in a harbour off the moss-covered shores of a coastal town. This unique and modern design is a bold addition to any kitchen – particularly those with an otherwise calm colour palette. Recommended complementary Cambria® designs include ELLA™ and MINERA™. ELLESMERE™ also pairs well with these neutral Benjamin Moore paint colours: Meditation, Richmond Gold, Paper White, and Whitestone.

June 2016



Like the pristine sands on the beaches of the Isle of Wight, NEWPORT™ by Cambria® embodies a subtle and natural beauty. This gentle, elegant Cambria® design is graceful and sophistocated, lending its quiet splendor to virtually any kitchen design. It pairs well with heavier, grounding Cambria® designs like New Quay™ and Sussex™. NEWPORT™ also complements interior paint colours that skew toward nudes and neutrals, including creams, soft golds, taupes and greys.

May 2016



Like a windy English bay, SEAGROVE™ by Cambria® recalls restless silver-capped waves with undercurrents of deep green. This swirling, hypnotic Cambria® design is audacious and unique, requiring the use of some of their more subdued stones like Torquay and Newport if you want to add a complementing quartz surface. Seagrove will pair well with several interior paint colours such as light, dark and cool greys, deep mossy greens and bright, crisp whites.

April 2016



From the Desert Collection™ by Cambria®, HAZELFORD™ is a luxurious and velvety brown quartz that will add a rich chocolate flavor to any space. Named for Hazelford Hall in England’s East Midlands, Cambria has created a luxurious, yet unpretentious design equally at home with modern white, wood grain and lacquered cabinets. A timeless classic.

March 2016



From the Oceanic Collection by Cambria, ROXWELL™ mixes bands of stately gray pebbled with tones of black, light gray and cream. The design brings to mind majestic sedimentary rock or stately stone walls. When paired with light cabinetry or subtle wood grains, ROXWELL will ground your kitchen or bath design, infusing it with a soothing energy.

February 2016



From the Oceanic Collection by Cambria, OAKMOOR™ merges and mixes strands of caramel, tan, and cream to resemble a wind swept beach, or the natural swirls of wood grain.