Choosing the PERFECT Remnant: A How-To Guide

May, 2022

Choosing a granite or quartz remnant is a GREAT way to save money on the perfect piece for your small project.
Here are some ideas for putting those remnants to use:


  • Small Vanities
  • Bar Tops
  • Small Kitchen & Lunch Countertops
  • Bar Carts
  • Side Tables
  • Laundry Rooms

Now here is a guide to help you choose the perfect remnant for your project!

Step 1: Determine what size stone you need for your project

Remnants come in many different shapes and sizes, so having all your measurements on hand is important.

You may also want to collect some photos of the other decor in the room where your remnant will eventually call home. This will help you pick the perfect colour and pattern from our yard!

Pictured: A side table made from a remnant perfectly matches the office decor at Roberts Marketing.

Step 2: Bring your measurements (and a measuring tape!) to our remnant yard

Our remnant yard is stocked with hundreds of granite & quartz stone odds and ends.

Remnants are what is left over from a full slab after the kitchen or bathroom countertop pieces are cut, so there are many different sizes. Sometimes you may even find multiple pieces of the same design which could work for larger projects. You’ll find classic, dark, dramatic, flowing, light, colourful and neutral stones in our yard, all waiting to be used for that small project.

Pictured: This free-standing island is a great example of how to use a remnant piece.

Step 3: Purchase your remnant (at HUGE savings!) & choose your edge design

granite countertop edge profile

Now that you’ve found the perfect stone for your project, you have one more decision to make:  what type of edge would you like?

This is where having photos of the surrounding decor can be helpful. A CHISELED edge shows the rough texture of the stone which works very well for a more rustic or industrial look, while BEVELED is a more formal design for a classic kitchen.

Once you’ve decided on an edge style, you’ll pay for your stone (at a fraction of the price of ordering a full slab) and your order is sent to our fabrication shop!

Step 4: Your order is cut to your specifications

Our on-site fabrication shop ensures your stone is cut to the perfect size, with the edge design of your choice.

Step 5: Professional Delivery & Installation

Now you can arrange for delivery of your remnant and leave the rest of the work to us! Our delivery and installation crews are respectful of your home, pick up after themselves and use mats to protect your flooring as they carry your stone into your home. You can expect Progressive Countertop to be professional and efficient.

With a large selection of granite and quartz remnants to choose from, our knowledgeable staff at Progressive Countertop is always on hand to help you navigate through the various options until you find the perfect remnant for your project.

*Remnants are the end-cuts of full-sized slabs of granite and quartz. Savings represent the discount off regular-priced full-sized slabs. Remnants are for retail customers only – no dealers, contractors or wholesalers.