Kitchen Makeover invites the light back in!

When Alicia and Ben came to Progressive Countertop to update their kitchen, they didn’t have a specific countertop colour or a design in mind. “We honestly had no clue! The staff was incredible with their vast product knowledge. They guided us through the process and helped us make the right decision for us!”

Design Challenges

  • 17-year-old home requiring a room makeover
  • The home boasts natural light in all the rooms. Client wants to accentuate the light and create a warm and inviting space but has no colour scheme or design in mind.

Design Choices

  • Sienna Bordeaux granite
  • This natural stone comes from Brazil and features warm earth colours. A unique flowing pattern creates movement and resembles the bottom of a stream.
  • Sienna Bordeaux is featured on the kitchen counters and island (pictured)
  • The client also had Antique Brown granite installed in their main bathroom and Silver Pearl granite installed in their ensuite (both with the Eased Edge profile)
  • *Note: Bathroom countertops are not pictured in this article.

What Alicia and Ben did know is they wanted to accentuate the room’s natural light and create a warm, inviting space for themselves and their guests to enjoy.

The right decision: Sienna Bordeaux granite
Sienna Bordeaux granite was the perfect choice for their kitchen. This natural stone features a mixture of warm earth colours like beige, cream and brown. The soft, moving pattern with subtle black lines and markings resembles the bottom of a stream; it picks up the light from the windows and draws you in. Combined with light blue walls and white cupboards, Alicia and Ben’s kitchen is now fresh, bright and inviting.

“The countertops are exactly the makeover our kitchen needed. They add decorative details, they add value to the property and they are extremely easy to clean!”, writes Alicia.
Design is in the Details
Alicia and Ben chose an eased edge profile; the smooth rounded edges around the island and sink add another dimension of style.
The seamless flow from the counter into the kitchen sink not only looks great but makes wiping away crumbs and dirt a breeze. As far as maintaining granite goes, Progressive Countertop’s professional installation crew applied a natural stone sealer. Alicia writes,
“They taught us how to properly clean our new countertops using the ‘Stone Spray and Seal’ products.”

When asked about their experience with Progressive Countertops, Alicia writes, “We were so impressed…the staff was fantastic. We learned a tremendous amount, including the difference between granite and quartz, the process from extracting the natural stone, to having it in our home and the variety and uniqueness of each product….This company surpassed our expectations. We are so happy they were recommended to us!”

Here’s a snapshot of Alicia and Ben’s Design experience: