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Starting from Scratch!

Tracey and Gari undertook a full remodel of their new home, which had not been updated since it was built 25 years ago. Starting from scratch can be difficult, so they enlisted the help of Wilf at Dynamic Kitchens to bring their design dreams to life. Wilf helped them decide on a cabinet design that would allow the couple to maintain access to their walk-out patio.

Still, Gari and Tracey had a lot of decisions to make, one of which was deciding upon the type of stone they wanted for their countertop – an especially important aspect given the large area of counter space in their design.

Design Challenges

  • Existing layout and cabinetry were outdated and dysfunctional.
  • Needed to configure cabinetry around walk-out to patio and existing interior door.
  • The granite was beautiful but would have been overpowering had it covered the entire counter space.
  • Wanted the most up-to-date appliances while maintaining a classic and natural look.
  • Unusual shape of the sink required a careful templating and cutting process.


Design Choices

  • Initially wanted an all-granite counter, but followed the recommendations of Paul at Progressive Countertop to use a combination of Coarse Pepper Quartz on the counters and Lennox granite on the island.
  • Lennox is a white-based granite with shades of browns, greys and beiges which complements the greenspace visible through windows and doors.
  • Dark wood cabinetry grounds the lighter, creamier colours of the countertops and provides contrast.
  • Hanging pendant lights make the most of the vertical space and high ceilings and draw attention to the beautiful granite island.
  • Gray glass tile in backsplash echoes the gray tones in the Lennox granite of the island.

“We initially were looking for granite that had a white background with browns, greys and beiges in it. We chose Lennox granite and while discussing the kitchen design with Paul at Progressive Countertop, he suggested we use quartz on the countertop that was a bit more subtle to offset the Lennox granite on the island.”

Classic, Earthy and Sleek!

The Lennox granite island and Coarse Pepper quartz counter top are both cut with clean, simple “eased” edges to allow the natural beauty of the stone to be the focal point.

A clean slate can be even more challenging…

Because the renovation Gari and Tracey undertook was so extensive it is understandable that there were moments of stress and pressure surrounding their home upgrades. However, the professionals at Progressive Countertop work hard to make sure clients find the design process creative and manageable.

“We found Paul to be very helpful as he walked us through design choices,” The couple write. “Everyone was very helpful and courteous whenever we had any questions or changes. We felt relaxed and stress-free when undertaking this part of the renovation.”