20 Stunning Designs from Cambria Natural Quartz Surfaces

Cambria Natural Quartz Surfaces celebrated the launch of 20 new designs in 2020. Bold, Iconic and Revolutionary – With Cambria Quartz Countertops, your kitchen will become your own personal oasis.

PORTRUSH™ | Marble Collection ™

Portrush is an elegant design, a classic porcelain-white background accented with navy blue and gold. The longer you look, the more you’ll see – Portrush’s veins and threads of navy, grey, and black are accented by shimmering gold flakes and a design full of movement. Portrush pops when paired with blue accents and warm-toned hardware finishes like brass, copper, gold, or rose gold.

SUTHERLAND™ | Marble Collection ™

The peaceful flow of Sutherland’s smooth surface brings subtle, organic beauty to any space. The soft alabaster stone and gentle shades-of-grey veins are versatile and understated, so Sutherland can complement and enhance any design palette. We love it combined with deep blue tones, warm wood, and white paint.

GLADSTONE™ | Marble Collection ™

Gladstone is a sweeping, grand design full of classic elegance. The overall colour is a soft, misty grey enhanced by trails and delicate webbing of deep grey. Gladstone is an unforgettable design which can elevate your space, particularly when paired with high-contrast greyscale walls and floor, and gold or copper finishes.

BRITTANICCA BLOCK™ | Cambria Block Collection ™

Cambria reimagined one of their signature designs in a totally new way, and the product is the stunning and quirky Brittanicca Block. Brittanicca Block is laid out in slender horizontal lanes, widening and brightening its space. The milky white background is accented with generous splashes of soft taupe-grey ringed in darker grey, immediately drawing and teasing your eye.

ARCHDALE™ | Marble Collection ™

Archdale is a peaceful and relaxed design, comprised of cool undertones and peppery veins. This gorgeous stone embodies the organic, sprawling geometry of cracking ice from afar, and the lines disperse into gentle speckles as you look closer. Make the most of Archdale by partnering it with cool greys and muted blues, accented by lush forest green and muted wood finishes.

CHARLESTOWN ™ | Black Marble Collection ™

Drama, elegance, and nuance exist together in Charlestown, one of Cambria’s darkest designs. The base is a rich charcoal, deepened with pools of black and made lively by delicate white striations. Charlestown embodies modern luxury, so gold accents and minimalist designs allow it to reach its full potential.

CLOVELLY™ | Marble Collection™

Bring warmth and movement into your space with Clovelly from Cambria’s Marble Collection. This design begs for room to shine – robust copper swaths flow across a warm cream undertone, traced by brown curves and accented by sprightly brown and black filaments throughout. Clovelly is versatile and can work with brick, burgundy, mustard, and terracotta paint colours as well as warm or neutral grey-scale shades.

SMITHFIELD™ | Marble Collection™

Simplicity is beautiful in Smithfield, Cambria’s subtle soft-white addition to their Marble Collection. The faint grey texture present throughout Smithfield has the depth and appeal of freshly fallen snow from afar. Upon a closer inspection, Smithfield reveals delicate playful speckles in an intricate veining pattern.

MALVERN™ | Marble Collection™

Malvern is a warm, gentle, and soothing design dripping with sophistication. The soft vanilla base is textured with a faint grey dappling, accented by vivid white veins. Malvern suits warm-toned grey hues and shades of golden brown, but this elegant design is amazingly versatile and complementary.

COLTON™ | Marble Collection™

For those who love the classics, Colton does wispy marbling two ways – soft rusty brown and gentle grey branches interact on a warm creamy base. Colton is a timeless design, updated and improved, that will be in style for generations.

HAWKSMOORE™ | Marble Collection™

Hawksmoore is a harmonious new design from Cambria, with a little edge. Slightly irregular, delicate threads of dark taupe course in unison across Hawksmoore’s gentle cream backdrop. The warm undertones of Hawksmoore make it a great match for rich browns, golds, and warm greys or off-white.

WINDRUSH™ | Marble Collection™

Bring soft, tranquil, dove-grey Windrush into your space to balance bright or high-contrast palettes, or include it in an already peaceful design to add texture and visual interest. Windrush is dappled in a cooler medium-grey, streaked with thin dark-grey veins, and accented with small droplets of pure white.

ST. GILES™ | Marble Collection™

St. Giles is a surprisingly intricate grey surface, blending cool-grey veins and bright white across a warmer soft grey base. This beautiful combination is anything but neutral, although like a neutral colour St. Giles can pair with anything.

WHITBY™ | Marble Collection™

Whitby’s gorgeous surface is comprised of a soft cream background subtly marbled in the faintest blue-grey. It is the picture of quiet refinement, and unpretentiously elevates your design, Bring out Whitby’s whimsy by pairing it with sage green or deep aqua, or keep it peaceful with cool-toned greyscale hues.

HARROGATE™ | Marble Collection™

Not for the faint of heart, Harrogate is big, bold, and beautiful. Its combination of stark black veins, swaths of warm grey, and delicate black fibres on a neutral cream base is equally stunning in high-contrast, minimalist designs and spaces comprised of warm and cool tones.

QUEENSBURY™ | Marble Collection™

Few bold designs are as versatile as solid neutrals, and Queensbury is such an exceptional surface. Large tunnels of mid-grey interspersed with sparkling crystals wander across a feathery soft grey backdrop. Queensbury adapts to your space, and shines whether among pure white spaces, natural finishes, or even large accents of bold colours.

BRIDPORT™ | Marble Collection™

One of Cambria’s most elegant designs, Bridport’s base is a light grey with a subtle lavender tint topped off with plentiful dark-grey veins and ripples. It pairs beautifully with sage and olive greens, or cool-toned off-white hues.

BUXTON™ | Desert Collection™

Buxton is a rich and nuanced design in a sandy taupe-grey palette. The grainy, white-speckled surface gains depth from pools of deeper natural stone shades. It is a lively and intricate pattern that mellows at a distance, and looks beautiful among softer mid-tone colours including taupe, light grey, sage green, and so much more.

BRADWELL™ | Marble Collection™

Cool, concrete-grey does not have to be limited to plain or industrial styles. Bradwell combines one of interior design’s most adaptable base colours with a gentle blue-grey texture that brings life and style to your space. It goes with almost anything, but dark blue-grey paint colours and natural wood accents are fitting companions for Bradwell.

WOODCROFT™ | Black Marble Collection™

Woodcroft is dark, complex, and absolutely stunning. Sparkling gold streaks blaze across its surface like lightning at night, and fade to delicate ripples. This arresting, remarkable surface can be used to anchor a light room, electrify a dark design, or create grandeur for any space in between.