Spring Kitchen Countertop Trends

May, 2019

Kitchen countertop designs this spring are closely following the trends we saw at the beginning of the year – here’s what to watch for!

  • Grey & White continue to shine but you will see warm colours popping up more often
  • Veining & Patterns are being added to create interest and texture in neutral designs
  • Matte Finishes are gaining popularity – not everyone wants a shiny surface

Warmer tones seeing more love

Cambria® Windermere™ combines shades of grey and cream with flecks of gold and copper

For the past five years designers have gravitated towards a very neutral palette in home decorating. In the kitchen that often translated into grey and white cupboards. While this esthetic is still a popular choice for homeowners, these cool tones are starting to be mixed with warmer elements. Maybe our long winters have something to do with a movement toward more colour.

Example: Cambria®  Windermere™  combines shades of grey and cream with flecks of gold and copper

Adding more visual interest

Granite and quartz countertops displaying bold veining and complex patterns are enjoying increased popularity this spring. These designs are best showcased when used in a continuous, seamless area such as a kitchen island or a table top.

Example: Cambria® Bentley™ combines a white background with bold black & charcoal veins.

Cambria bentley quartz countertop

Lustre and Shine

cambria swanbridge white quartz countertop

Countertop finishes are another area of interest. From polished, highly reflective finishes to soft luxurious matte or leathered surfaces. Some soft lustre finishes are just as durable as a high gloss finish, but others will require some sealing and care. We can help you choose the best finish to match both style and function.

Example: Cambria® Swanbridge™

With a large warehouse of granite and quartz to choose from, our knowledgeable staff at Progressive Countertop are always on hand to help you navigate through the various selections until you find just the right countertop for your home.