Design Story

From the Ground Up with Granite

A beautiful custom kitchen with two kinds of granite from Progressive Countertop

Design Challenges

  • 19 year old home demolished following a house fire and rebuilt from scratch
  • Client had an existing colour preference which can be challenging with the natural variances in granite
  • Client wanted the look of granite specifically, not quartz, but could not compromise on durability and resilience

Design Choices

  • Titanium granite is featured on the perimeter kitchen counters.
  • The island features Taupe Crystal granite.
  • The client completed the transformation by customizing the placement of each chosen style and colour of granite.

Ann decided it was time for her dream countertop after her 19 year old home was damaged beyond repair in a house fire. An unfortunate circumstance brought Ann a new opportunity – the chance to design her dream home. A granite countertop was part of her vision to rebuild, and Ann was looking for the perfect colour with a ‘wow’ factor. Ann had heard about Progressive Countertop through radio promotion and decided to check out the fabulous showroom.

Shopping for countertops doesn’t have to be a headache!

Ann was ecstatic shopping for granite and even compared the process to choosing a new piece of jewellery. The showroom provided Ann with the ability to easily visualize what her kitchen would be transformed into with the finished product. Between the builder and the designer Ann was able to sit back and relax while her granite countertop was installed seamlessly.

Modern, elegant and unique!

Ann’s natural granite countertops not only look amazing but provide durability and resilience – both must have features in any busy kitchen.

510ambleside_88953The contrast between the two colours of granite mixed with the bold & contemporary design give Ann’s kitchen that ‘wow’ factor she was looking for.

How Ann rebuilt her dream kitchen from the ground up:

“Progressive has a beautiful stone warehouse with lots of selection. Paul from Progressive Countertop is very knowledgeable and experienced, which helped with the decision-making process,” writes Ann, a satisfied customer of Progressive Countertop.

Overall: a beautiful newly customized kitchen with the ‘wow’ factor of natural granite!


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